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St. Mark’s is a community committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His Word. We welcome all in His name. Our primary services are on Sunday morning, and include Christian Education for all ages. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. This congregation is a member of the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) and the Diocese of Texas. We are also part of the world-wide Anglican Communion—a fellowship of those around the world whose spiritual roots came from the Church of England. Those roots make us ancient and current, traditional and lively, serious and a lot of fun! Bless you. Please browse around the site to get a feel for the life of worship, learning, and service that we wholeheartedly embrace. 
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, 2200 Avenue E, Bay City, TX, 77414  (979) 245-2557
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INDOOR WORSHIP with Holy Communion Will begin  SUNDAY August  23, 2020 ,  at  10:00 a.m. NO NURSERY at this time. In order to keep within our required distancing protocols , s eating will be  “first come first serve”.  +++ Before Coming - make a conscious decision to attend! Are you part of a compromised or “at risk” health group? Are you  ill, weak ,   or have COVID symptoms?      People with these symptoms may have COVID - 19      Fever or chills      Cough      Shortness of breath or difficulty   breathing      Fatigue      Muscle or body aches       Headache      New loss of taste or smell      Sore throat      Congestion or runny   nose,   nausea ,   or vomiting      Diarrhea   DO NOT PARTICIPATE!
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church The Lion is on the Move! Dear Saint Markan’s- Greetings in the Name of our unstoppable, unbeatable, undefeatable God – Father, Son, Spirit! The Lion is on the Move! Beginning Sunday August 23 rd, we will begin worshipping together in our beautiful sanctuary. We’ll celebrate Holy Communion at 10:00 A.M wear masks and sitting apart to keep the Virus from bothering us! For now, we are only able to accommodate half of our congregation at one time so consult the schedule to find out when you can come. Participation in the worship service will require facemasks, sanitizing, and distancing. We must all work together so that we can enjoy our gathered community in worship, AND NOT GET SICK! As we regather, we all must be patient and cooperate with our evolving worship protocols. Our Returning to Worship will likely occur in phases as we “test the waters” moving carefully and watching local COVID markers. Please be on the lookout each week for Emails from St. Marks describing current plans for the coming Sunday. See you soon, Jack Myers+
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